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About Us

For over 40 years, we've dressed out our customers with everyday suits and wedding suits designed for distinction.

40+ years of superior men’s apparel

Dabit Apparel is a three generation, family-owned business. We’ve been sourcing quality men’s apparel since we opened our first storefront location in 1975. For decades, our team has developed close working relationships with garment and shoe factories around the world so that we can manufacture our own clothing to ensure high quality and attention to detail. Every suit we offer is professionally produced, carefully designed and reflects the latest styles and trends. We’ve now taken our expertise in men’s formal wear and making our apparel available online to customers across the globe. We are able to offer top quality products at incredible rates because we do all of our own manufacturing.

Who we are

Making it easy to buy top quality suits.

As an operating storefront since 1975, ongoing customer satisfaction and community relationships are the cornerstones to our business. In working with our customers, we have discovered a need for high quality, affordable suits. Too often we hear of major suit rental outlets including poor fit, high rental fees, low-quality fabric and limited variation. It is with our many years of experience in manufacturing our own suits, that we can offer a solution; a product that is far superior. A majority of our suits are made of a poly-rayon/spandex blend that provides the wearer with a flexible and durable fit. Our footwear is constructed with top-quality cow leather and Dutch memory foam insoles for increased walking comfort. At Giorgio, we bring our experience and expertise to you wherever you are so you can step out with confidence on any day for any event.

A commitment to classic suits for men

We also specialize in wedding suits for men. We put the wedding party first, regularly developing close, long-term relationships with our clients. Using our knowledge and passion, we enable our clients to exceed expectations and feel the joy of stepping into a superior suit on such an important day. We help our customers to make a suit investment that will continue to serve them well into the future.

New Session

Suit Package

New Session

Suit +

New Session

Suit + Shoes + Belt

New Session

Package w/o Jacket

New Session

Boys Package

Mens size 50+

are an additional $20

Boys husky sizes

are an additional $10

All pants

will require a hem. $1

Tennessee sales tax

is 9.25%


$30 & up

$25 & up

$25 & up

Tie Clips
$12 & up

$70 & up

$8 & up

$14 & up